Refractory Products

Efficient insulation for industrial furnaces.

Lubisol 2-SL (Super Light)

#2-SL 1600 (Super Light)


Lubisol 2-SL is very suitable for high temperature thermal insulation of glass furnace crowns and any other type of industrial furnaces, kilns and heating appliances.

The main advantage is the very low specific weight and high efficiency of the insulation, due to the very low thermal conductivity factor.

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Si-Seal Repair Kit

Si-Seal Repair Kit


Lubisol Si-Seal is a monolithic silica Repair Kit used for hermetic sealing and hot repair of glass furnace silica crowns.

It is a protection hermetic sealing layer and is very suitable for hot application in the form of plastic balls to fill up the Rat-holes during a hot repair or the expansion joints of a silica crown after heat-up.

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Cover Coat

Covering Cement


Lubisol Cover Coat (Capping Cement) is a two-component mixture of different silicate refractory materials. A dry powder and a liquid bond are mixed together before the application.

It can be applied on a cold or hot surface as a top layer of the insulation, or as a sealing layer on the vertical walls.

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Save Fuel

Lubisol - Save fuel

The amount of saved fuel is about 1400 m3 / m2 / year heavy oil *

Save Money

Lubisol - Save money

Estimated fuel savings up to EUR 400 / m2 / year *

Save Nature

Lubisol - Save nature

Burning less fuel reduces carbon dioxide CO2 emissions.

  * Estimated averages. Can vary based on different conditions.



Lubisol is offering a premium quality thermal insulation for various types of industrial furnaces, that is highly efficient and is helping your business to save fuel.

The company is also specialized in hot repair of rat holes, with no production interruptions.

This material is a proven technology with a worldwide acceptance and is offered at a competitive price for maximum effect.


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